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4t dry mortar machines.

  • 4t dry mortar machines

4t dry mortar machines of Introduction

1.Advantages of 3t,4t,5t Simple Dry Mortar Mixer Manufacturer for Sale
Sealing system has good tightness, ensuring no products leakage.
2.. It can mix the solid and solid(powder and powder) material, solid and liquid (powder and liquid) materials together.
It has high degree of uniformity and can mix material with proportion of 1:1000 thoroughly.this mixer is good at mixing material with a great disparity in specific gravity.
It mix material tenderly, and will not damage the material initial form.
Durable structure, stable performance, long service time and less spare parts.

4t dry mortar machines of Details

2.Characteristics of the dry mortar skim coat machine for mixing cement and sand
Easy to installation and operation. Discharge quickly and thoroughly
2.It may achieve automatic mattering and filling hence,load,weigh and packaging the materials automatically .
3.The dry mix mortar production line uses a centralized control system, making the equipment easy to operate.
3.Benefits of 3t,4t,5t Simple Dry Mortar Mixer Manufacturer for Sale
1.It is easy to operate,2-3 people can operate ,effectively save the labor.
2.Environmental friendly:this type mixer improved the working environment,and reduced the working labor intensity.
3.It requires little investment and small occupation area but with good efficiency.greatly save capital investment.
4.This mchine is environmental-protection and energy-saving, low noise, little pollution.Greatly reduces the production cost
We can provide one-stop service from design to installation according to our customers’ specific requirement.
Structure details
1)Feeding hopper: Material feed into the mixer from here.
2)Screw conveyor: Used for conveying the materials to the mixer, the conveyor can not heavy load starting.
3)Twin Shaft Agravic Mixer: Used for mixing materials uniformly, and the special paddle blades group can break up the fibre.
4) Finished product silo: Used for storing the finished goods material, waiting for packing.
5) Automatic weighing packaging machine: Used for packing finished product material in the finished products silo, it can automatically weighing and packaging, and accuracy can be + / – 0.5kg.
6)Control cabinet: The power switch control for this equipment of production line

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